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Our CEO's Statement

I began this business nearly 3 decades ago, and Iv’e seen it it grow into the profitable conglomerate that is today from a small shop. I could say that this is my legacy that I’m intending on leaving behind for the future generation. Though I am from the old world or rather a conventional time, I believe with the help of the newer generation I could shape our business into one of the leading conglomerates in South Asia.

Himal Ariyasena

"To introduce new & latest technologies into the Sri Lankan Market. And to create a new division in the Himaco Group which will cater a new group of Customers."

- Benuka Ariyasena

" As we are in the initial stage of launching our company to the market, I envision Inmark Eco Solutions to be the leader in providing green solution to our society through innovative and eco-friendly products. "

- Shamara Ariyasena

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